Seamona Abrams

Sales Partner

Being one of the most trusted realtor in Essex and Hudson county. My focus and dedication to all clients has derived from a passionate place. Being a young teacher in New York on the verge of homelessness allowed me to not only want my own home but also help others find their’s. After fulfilling the dream of attaining a home I became passionate about helping others sell and buy their own homes. Given the priceless opportunity to be a member of the Silver and Oak team, has given me assess to work with first time home buyers investors and recently developers. Recent success include high ranking deal  in the prestigious Society Hills district. This district is a highly desirable community. I gain much of my clients on a referral basis and work countless hours to take care of each one as their needs and wants are all different and unique. Having a passion for traveling reading and meeting individuals from all walks of life has given me the opportunity to connect, build and understand the needs presented to me by each client.  The knowledge attained in the realm of sociology, psychology and networking has given me the edge and ability to connect with each client individually. I must say it is with utmost pleasure I dedicate my time and energy in helping clients make one or more of their biggest purchases in life.