Maria Druhora

Sales Partner

A woman with a heart full of love and a passion to inspire others and help them believe that they have a truly unique purpose in this world! Maria was born in the Transylvania region of Romania, left when she was 5 and was raised in Dallas Texas! Now a City Girl with a country heart! Maria’s proudest moment was birthing 3 beautiful boys, and yet her biggest challenge is raising those boys! Her idea of a perfect day is getting to sleep in, waking up to a steaming cup of coffee and fresh baked scones, packing the bags and spending the entire day outdoors, whether its the beach, the mountains, or just relaxing on a blanket and soaking in a good book. If she had a superhero power it would be to make time stand still. When it comes to work, Maria has been involved in many different facets of what real Estate entails! Staring off in leasing and property management, she then ventured into mortgage and lending and eventually veered into REO and traditional sales, which she is most passionate about! There are things in life that you do because you need to and there are things you do because you truly enjoy them and it brings out your innermost creative and beautiful side!